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Breed Description

The akita is watchful, a good hunter and suitable for many tasks.

He is quite imperturbable and adapts easily to new situations

The akita is a hunter of big game such as the wild boar, the black bear and the dear. He is a good worker when motivated and at his own pace.

He is friendly to adults but distant from strangers.

He likes company but is not pushy. He is good with children. Of course you can never leave children alone with a dog (this applies to all breeds).

Children can sometimes do unexpected things and sometimes a dog can not do anything else then to react to it.

An akita is dominant in dealing with other dogs. He approaches dogs in a natural way and he submits them his aims. Providing he is well educated, he is an obedient dog, but not submissive. He goes his own way


Balanced with a sensible and thoughtful way. They are intelligent and friendly, but also somewhat independent and sometimes dominant.

It is not in their nature to be barker,  over alert or excited.

An akita is unruffled in his ways and is not easily stressed.

They are very loyal to their owners and families and are also quite obedient, but they will rather be you friend then your slave.

Like the Japanese race itself they have a certain dignity and control over themselves which can be described as abysmal.


Most akita’s have no message to people they do not know, and they take towards them a somewhat reserved and watchful attitude.

They are not pronounced social with other dogs. Because of their hunting instincts they must be socialized with cats and other pets. Usually they are good with children. The akita is not a playmate for your children but will rather be a protector.


Dogs of this breed will shed twice a year. During these periods it is necessary to brush them every day. When they are not shedding it is sufficient to brush them once a week.


An akita can learn a lot in the hands of an owner who is consistent.

This is not the type of dog where you can win his respect by screaming or beating him. The dog performs the best when the exercises are short and regularly repeated. The exercises have to be challenging.

Akita’s are pretty obedient, but they remain faithful to their own insights. The education should be clearly and consistently with great patience.

Some physical dominance is necessary but a to hard upbringing has a counterproductive effect.

The akita has a great stamina, he has to have much exercise and just a little tour around the block will not be enough to keep him in good shape.

Inside he is calm. 





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